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The objectives of the Craven Creek Music Association Incorporated are to develop and promote the performance of music and related cultural and educational activities in, but not limited to, the Craven Creek and Gloucester regions of New South Wales, Australia.

In pursuit of its objects the Craven Creek Music Association aims:


  • To build an annual music festival showcasing high quality musicians, as well as staging additional concerts throughout the year should opportunities arise. 

  • To bring to the region notable musicians of considerable distinction from the country's top orchestras and to give performance opportunities to young, gifted players.

  • To build a local festival that will maintain an intimate concert atmosphere.  As the festival grows, the Craven Creek Music Festival will find  small, unique performance spaces in the local area. 

  •  To build a local audience and reach out to groups of people who may not have the opportunity to hear live classical music

  • To assist schools in the region to bring classical musical performances to the classroom

We gather in the old tin shed.

Musicians in city black,

us, in country colours.


Cello, violin, viola,

and oboe poised.

Breaths held.

Silent count.


Bows stroke taut strings.

Air resonates on reed and wood.

Fingers skip and vibrate.


Notes escape, float and burst,

tumble and beat against corrugated iron,

twist and twirl around timber poles,

cascade to splash on dirt floor,

flood through the great doors

into the sunlight.


Diana Turner Berecry

September 2013

Management Committee
Greg Lindsay AO, President
Julianne Blain, Vice President

Jenny Lindsay, Secretary
Colin Ware, Treasurer
Heather Lindsay, Co-Artistic Director
Josef Bisits, Co-Artistic Director
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